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Supercharge Productivity

Dato: 19. januar 2021 kl. 12:00


In addition to individual customers, Lifekeys works with a number of different businesses and organisations helping to provide mental health support to their staff. Given its key role in both a business’s and an employee’s long-term financial and mental health, it’s natural that we look into the subject and ask: What can we do to boost productivity?

In recent years many business analysts have spoken of the ‘productivity puzzle’ and all the various knock-on effects for the economy as a whole. But what about a more microeconomic perspective? What can individual businesses and employees do on an everyday basis?

In this webinar, we’ll be looking at how mental health plays a key role in our productivity and what we can do to give both a boost. We’ll be giving an overview of recommendations ranging from small changes to major organisational overhauls.


By attending this Lifekeys webinar you will learn: 

  • What kinds of things impede productivity across industries
  • What can and can’t be done to influence them
  • Recommendations for improving workplace productivity

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