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Mental Health for the remote worker

Dato: 22. januar 2021 kl. 12:00


The events of 2020 have been responsible for a number of mental health challenges. One of those most keenly felt by workers has been the increase in remote working. 

But COVID-19 has only accelerated a pre-existing trend. Increased digitisation of workforces, higher urban property costs, and faster speeds of internet connection - especially with the imminent roll out of 5G - have helped reduce the Monday morning commute from miles to meters.

But are we prepared for the mental health challenges that this presents?

Many sectors have only just begun to scratch the surface of the mental health implications and dynamics of the traditional office environment. With remote working, we are entering uncharted territory when it comes to mental health and well being.

Among the points discussed will be:

  • What are the communication and interpersonal implications of remote working and how should we manage them?
  • Psychological advice and stress management tips for remote working.
  • Advice on how to maintain a healthy separation between home and work life.

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